On April 23 1999, a building of the Ratio Television of Serbia (RTS) in the Aberdareva Street was hit during the NATO bombing of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, when 16 RTS workers were killed.

According to the factual situation established in court proceedings, responsible for their death is a former director of the Radio Television of Serbia, Dragoljub Milanović, who, in spite of having knowledge that the building would be bombed, failed to notify his employees.

Dragoljub Milanović, as well as the Slobodan Milošević’s criminal regime, in which Aleksandar Vučić used to be the Minister of Information, decided to sacrifice innocent people. 

On the occasion of the 20th years of the crime, on April 23, 2019 at 02:04 and at 14:04, the Youth Initiative for Human Rights and Women in Black will attend the commemoration of the murdered workers of the Radio Television of Serbia in front of the “Why?” monument and thus express compassion and solidarity with their families. The commemoration will also be attended by women from the communities of victims and survivors from Bosnia and Herzegovina, from Srebrenica and the Zvornik region (Đulići, Klisa, Sapna), and from Croatia (Zagreb and Novska), as well as the activists of the Women in Black Network from Serbia.

On this April 23, as in the previous years:

  • We are paying respect to the murdered RTS workers;
  • We are expressing compassion and solidarity with the families of the murdered;
  • We are calling again on the authorities of Serbia to compensate victims’ families and admit their responsibility for this crime.

Once again we wish to express enormous respect towards women – victims of crimes from the territory of former Yugoslavia who have transformed their tragedy and pain into a common fight for peace and justice above and beyond all state borders and divisions.