Deeply concerned about the events in the north of Kosovo, we herewith invite the representatives of Belgrade and Pristina to urgently take the necessary measures to calm the situation and return to the dialogue process. To this end, we are looking for the full implementation of the three-point plan for de-escalation of the situation in the north of Kosovo, which was proposed by the European Commission and whose implementation was supported by all the countries of the European Union, the USA and Great Britain. We are also asking for an urgent response from the European Union and the Quint countries in order to implement this plan more quickly.

We condemn every kind of violence in the north of Kosovo, whether it was conducted by the special police units of Kosovo against the members of the Serb ethnic community, or by hooligans against journalists or KFOR. We especially condemn violence against children as the most sensitive category of society. We call on EULEX and human rights organizations to investigate all cases of police brutality against children, civilians and detainees, and to publicly report on their findings and conclusions.

We call on KFOR and EULEX to form an independent commission that would investigate all the circumstances of the recent arrest of the members of the Kosovo police. This case must not remain the product of different interpretations by officials in Belgrade and Pristina, because over time the process of normalization of relations and reconciliation between Albanians and Serbs will be significantly disrupted. We also call on the competent authorities in Serbia to speed up the process of assessing the criminal responsibility of the arrested Kosovo police officers, and if it does not exist, to release them immediately.

We also demand the immediate withdrawal of measures aimed at suspending the Agreement on the Free Movement of Goods and People. They directly influence the normalization of trade and represent the basis for building the future of our region.