Youth Initiative for Human Rights (YIHR) most cordially supports the work with young people on dealing with the past which is a necessary condition for reconciliation in the region as well as sustainable regional cooperation, and the efforts of the Youth Education Committee in this area. It is high time the state institutions recognized this fact and offered support to this and similar groups of young people who assume the task of the highest public interest.

YIHR firmly believes that the prosecutor’s office and the police must make it a priority to identify and prosecute the individuals sending threats to the participants of the „Youth Reconciliation Ambassadors“ program. In a society where young people who are youth ambassadors are not safe and secure, there is no perspective of a normal life.

It is necessary for the regional cooperation to be based on the values of peace and trust. The contribution of the young people in this process is priceless, but without an honest and concrete support of the societies and governments in the region, it cannot be successful.