Communication of the Youth Initiative for Human Rights with regard to the Reply from the Socialist Party of Serbia.

Regarding the Reply from the Socialist Party of Serbia, the Youth Initiative for Human Rights believes that clear and unambiguous apology to the families of war crimes victims in Kosovo by convicted war criminal Nikola Šainović would be a proper way to demonstrate transparency, responsibility and complete truth in a public discourse.  

The fact that, in the TV show “Question Mark”, Nikola Šainović talked about his verdict and the topic of war crimes, but failed to say what he was convicted for and to show empathy for victims, does not mean that he did not deny the crime. Serbian society, as well as the region of former Yugoslavia, need catharsis and healing that must come from very those who committed crimes. Twenty years after the war in Kosovo, Nikola Šainović is given a chance to do that.

However, YIHR refuses that moral lessons about the freedom of expression are given by those who left mass graves as a legacy to future generations.

Let us remind you that, after yesterday’s appearance of Nikola Šainović in the “Question Mark” at the Radio Television of Serbia, the Youth Initiative for Human Rights called on Šainović to apologize for crimes he is responsible for and stop promoting the policy of crimes. 

YIHR demands that Nikola Šainović publicly, clearly and unambiguously apologize to the families of Albanian civilian victims of war in Kosovo for whose deaths he was convicted. War criminals must apologize to the victims and speak publicly about their personal responsibility and guilt instead of denying their acts. Further, media services such as RTS must give more voice to the families of victims than to those who celebrate, relativise and diminish human losses.

On Tuesday, March 26, Nikola Šainović was a guest in the TV show “Question Mark” at the Radio Television of Serbia, where he was presented as “a player of the time and a negotiator in Rambouillet”. Although it was mentioned during the show that he was convicted of war crimes, no question was asked about his responsibility for civilian victims of crime in Kosovo. Šainović is not a chronicler of the time, but a convicted war criminal who – if already at the Public Broadcasting Service, which is a problem in itself – must be asked about the crimes and his responsibility. Everything else amount to the denial of the crimes and mocking of the victims, by both Nikola Šainović and the Radio Television of Serbia. 

Full communication available here.

Photo: Screenshot/ Radio Television of Serbia