Newsletter: YIHR in 2019

As the whole world follows preventative measures aimed at curtailing the spread of the COVID-19 virus, we continue our work at home while practicing social distancing. During these difficult times, we hope that the year ahead will be a safer one for all, and are planning the year 2020, preparing a series of events, activities and novelties for the second half of the year. We are impatient to share those with you!

We have used this time of social distancing to sum up all the activities, events and successes which made up our year into a YIHR Newsletter for 2019. 

YIHR was awarded the Vaclav Havel Human Rights Prize, one of the most prestigious human rights awards in Europe, by the Parliamentary council of the Council of Europe. We are deeply honored to have received this award, and consider it a confirmation of the values we have fought for over the past 17 years, but also as a reminder that we need to keep working hard to build peace, connect youth in the region, and promote regional collaboration across all sectors.

The year 2019 marked the continued struggle for truth and justice, as we actively stood against the glorification of war criminals and denial of court-determined facts about war crimes committed in the 90’s wars. It also marked a continued journey on the path to reconcile Serbian and Kosovar societies, prompting them to collaborate in a highly unfavorable political climate with negotiations between the two countries at their lowest since the Brussels Agreement was made. 

We are also immensely proud of the 80+ high-school students who attended our Human Rights School, as well as the three-day Skopje Youth Summit, which gathered over 200 prominent human rights activists from around the globe. 

The previous year has been one of our busiest, and you can read more about our different activities, statements and events in the YIHR Newsletter.

Thank you for your continued support.  

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