The network of political parties’ youth organizations is an international network of branches of 19 political parties operating in Bosnia, Croatia, Montenegro, Kosovo and Serbia. It was established at the conference in Zagreb on March 29 and 30, 2014. Dedicated to December 10 – the Human Rights Day, youth branches of political parties signed a joint declaration sending a clear message to society that basic human rights and freedoms are universal values that do not allow for divisions and relativization.


We, young politicians of the Western Balkans region, knowing that protection of human rights is one of the fundamental bases of our society, express our conviction that the constant work on upgrading the system and protecting the human rights is our duty and we sympathize with the solidarity of all the citizens whose basic human rights were in jeopardy.

According to that, through our work we will be additionally dedicated to improve our knowledge and understanding of human rights. We are aware that our daily life is marked by certain numbers of rights and freedoms guaranteed, and while enjoying the freedom of expression, association and political action, we will actively work to improve the position of all the marginalized and discriminated social groups and individuals in our society.

We believe that socio-political, democratic, economic, social and every other improvement in our societies is inseparably connected with the respect for human rights. Therefore, despite our different political goals, we share a common vision of society where people equally enjoy their rights and freedoms.

Having in mind the niversal value of human rights, this statement is signed by:

  • Democratic Youth
  • Youth forum of the New Party
  • The Youth of the Liberal-Democratic Party
  • Socialist Youth of Serbia
  • Youth Union of the Serbian Progressive Party

Regional YIHR’s network supports the establishment and the work of youth political parties’ network. Its main goals are support of youth cooperation and promotion of the human rights protection.