Youth Initiative for Human Rights has presented a publication, ’Guide through the Institution of the Protector of Citizens’, aimed at introducing the citizens with the work of the Ombudsman Institution, as well as with ways the citizens can reach out to this institution.

Other than offering a detailed manner in which citizens can turn to the Ombudsman for help, the publication also provides information on the competencies, history, and mandate of the Ombudsman, and other services the institution provides.

At the promotion, Boban Stojanović, the author of the publication, emphasised that the Guide was intended primarily for all citizens, but also institutions such as local Ombudsmen who would give out the Guide to the citizens with complaints in cases out of their jurisdiction, but rather in the jurisdiction of the Republican Ombudsman. 

Boban Stojanović, author of the publication

The promotion of the Guide was also attended by local ombudsmen who discussed the state of this institution in Serbia, further work to be done by the Association of Ombudsmen of Serbia, and the expansion of the local institutions of citizens’ protectors’ network. 

Local ombudsmen had previously attended a two-day conference ’Promotion of local ombudsmen in local self-government units in which this institution has not been established’. 

Uroš Jovanović, Youth Initiative for Human Rights

Both the conference and the publication ’Guide through the Institution of the Protector of Citizens’ were made possible through the financial support of the United States of America’s Embassy in Serbia. 

The publication is available in full in PDF.