War Criminals in the 2020 Election Campaign

Pre-election silence is determined by law so that citizens may cast their votes in peace. However, we cannot stand in silence and watch our political scene and election campaigns be marred and moulded by war criminals.

The Youth Initiative for Human Rights wishes to warn and report about the participation of war criminals in public life out of the conviction that their participation is an insult to victims, a threat to regional peace and a hindrance to democratic and European processes of the country. 

An overview of the participation of war criminals in the election campaign, as well as persons associated with crimes, indicates that regardless of the party they support, the pattern is similar and their themes and values are shared: denial of crimes, delegitimization of the Hague Tribunal, opposition to Serbia’s EU accession, and spreading hatred and intolerance towards peoples in the region. 

Convicted war criminals in Serbia have been glorified by those in power through media and institutions. Seeing how they’ve played quite a large role in this electoral process, it is safe to assume that a war criminal will have a seat in Parliament for the next for another four years.

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