The Pride Caravan, which announces the upcoming Pride Parade in Belgrade across the cities of Serbia, has visited Zrenjanin, Novi Sad, Subotica and Šabac, where Pride walks through the high streets were held. The caravan sought to invite citizens across Serbia to the Pride Parade in Belgrade, as well as to support the local LGBT community and tell them they are not alone.

All the Pride walks in the towns took place without incidents, and the activists of the Youth Initiative for Human Rights, the ’Da se zna!’ [To Be Clear] organization, the Izađi [Get out] Group in Novi Sad, and local citizens participated in the walks.

Within the Pride Caravan, the city walks were previously held in Kraljevo, Kragujevac

The Belgrade Pride Week takes place from September 9 to September 15 and will end with the Pride Parade under the slogan “I Do Not Renounce” on Sunday, September 15.