The director of the library “Simon Piščević” in Šid, Slavica Varičić, prohibited not only the exhibition, but also the rest of the program that was about to happen as a part of the festival “A Month of Human Rights”.

Because of the exhibition of Osijek and Belgrade’s Pride named “This is the Pride”, the director Varičić prohibited the exhibition two hours before it was due to start as well as the debate named “Expulsion of Croats from Srem” and the presentation of the project “Unfit Citizens” by the Vojvodinian Civic Centre.

Half an hour after the exhibition was set up, around 4 p.m., the organizers got a call from the director of the library saying that the exhibition was taken off and that the stuff was waiting for them in the library. The apparent reason for this was because they “damaged the wall” although the organizers started setting up the exhibition in the presence of people that worked there. Then there was a meeting where the director said that none of the three activities planned could be held in the library.

The apparent reason for this was because they “damaged the wall”.

A dozen of YIHR activists organized an action on the streets of Šid, as a reaction to this homophobic and discriminatory decision. With the items from the prohibited exhibition they took photos in front of the City Library, City Municipality and City Park. Activists sent one of the photos to the director with the message: “ Dear director, we are stronger that your censorship. YIHR”

It is sad that in the year with the first peaceful Pride, a director of such an educative institution prohibits an exhibition which illustrates this event. Steps of joy made in Belgrade in September 2014 lose their significance if the will of certain people had greater strength than the power of law.

Due to this homophobic reaction, YIHR demanded an apology from director Varničić, first of all to LG BT community, as well as public scrutiny from the Minister of Culture who personally supported the Pride and participated in the walk.

YIHR then asked all the other public office holders, who had said several days before the Pride that the fight for LGBT rights must continue after the walk, to react to this discrimination act.