Šešelj’s travelling circus must not draw attention from the fact that he is a convicted war criminal who, according to the law, shall be stripped of the MP status.

 The ban of the rally of the Serbian Radical Party was only partially right, as it was justified with the gatherings of individuals and originations that wanted to get in the way of Šešelj’s threats and violence and not inspired by a clear position that the spreading of hate is not allowed.

The Administrative Board and MPs of the National Assembly of Serbia must assume their part of responsibility in the Šešelj case and, without excuses and absurd explanations, apply the law and terminate his MP status. Any delay or refusal would represent an unlawful defense of Šešelj and, what is even more catastrophic for our society – a defense of Šešelj’s politics of the 1990s which led to ethnic cleansing, countless victims and forced relocation of people.  

Radicals’ attack on Đorđe Žujović and LDP must be prosecuted. Radicals’ violence has repeatedly warned that the highest state officials must not equate ever again those who carry out and promote violence and those who fight it through their values, courage and clear resistance to the policy of hate.