The arrest of journalist Ana Lalić for publishing an article in a democratic society must not happen. In a democratic society, the arrest of a professional journalist causes greater public outrage than any published article.

The journalist must be released from police custody immediately, and any proceedings against her must be suspended.

The Public Prosecutor, political leaders and police force must give a public apology to journalist Ana Lalić and the entire public, and offer an explanation for the event that took place this evening. 

The COVID-19 Crisis Staff for the Control of Infectious Diseases is obliged to present to the public truthful information about the condition of  the Clinical Center of Vojvodina – the very subject of the article for which the journalist was imprisoned.

The Youth Initiative for Human Rights will continuously inform the local and international public and institutions on this case, and despite curfew and ban on gathering, will find a way to act if this injustice is not remedied as soon as possible.


Foto: Ana Lalić, Facebook