In light of the events that marked the year that will soon be behind us, the Youth Initiative for Human Rights, in cooperation with the Peaceful Change Initiative, is organizing a program for young people aged 18 to 27 from Kosovo and Serbia. The youth program “We matter” will be held in Belgrade from December 13th to 17th. The working language of the program will be English.

The youth program “We matter” aims to create a space where 40 young people from Kosovo and Serbia can discuss the dominant narratives in their environment, get to know each other, and learn more than what they are told through formal education and media coverage.

A team of educators and experts will work with the young people who have gone through exchange programs and who broke through the boundaries set for them with their curiosity, courage, and ideas. 

This year, the topic of relations between Serbia and Kosovo was marked by political tensions, disagreements, propaganda, mutual accusations, and the complete absence of an essential debate on unity and peace. Youth Initiative for Human Rights believes that the future between Serbia and Kosovo for young people cannot be built without their participation. Therefore we invite you to step out of prejudices and stereotypes and make a future based on initiating changes in ourselves and our environments.

The three-day program for young people, “We matter,” consists of three parts: identity, truths, and building peace. During the duration of the program, young people will have the opportunity to become familiar with the basic principles of a democratic society, means of information, reconciliation, conflict prevention, and non-violent communication, all through interactive workshops, lectures, visits, and research but also through an honest and open conversation about themselves, society and dominant policies. 

The program is intended for young people aged 18 to 27 whose sphere of interest is: post-conflict societies, peacebuilding, law, politics, and history. Young people from Kosovo and Serbia can apply for the program, and the organizers will cover all travel, food, and accommodation costs.

Through getting to know different views and examining different perspectives, participants who express an interest in dealing more with this topic will be provided with a 3-month mentoring program.

You can apply for the program by completing the online form. The application deadline is December 7, 2022.