In the attachment you will find the Declaration regarding International Youth Day that group of civil society organizations from the Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo and Montenegro refer to the governments of these countries, relating to the conference on the Western Balkans that will be held later this month in Vienna.

The Parties agree that the promotion of regional cooperation among youth must be at the very top of the agenda of this conference, and welcome the openness to discuss the establishment of the Regional Office for youth cooperation. The Declaration expresses the values that should be base of the regional cooperation, and urges the Governments to dedicate themselves with equal energy to the process.


We, the young people of the Western Balkans,

Stand united aiming to contribute to maintaining peace and fostering anti-fascist and European values in our societies.

We seek more opportunities for uninhibited movement in the region and across Europe, for meeting people of different backgrounds, and for exchanging experiences with them. We see this as the best way to overcome the perennial conflicts, obstacles and isolation consequential of events that took place before we were born or in our early childhood, and which were imposed on us as reality by elderly generations. Despite these circumstances, we want to meet youth from other countries and cultures in the region, and to build together a joint future.

We want to know what happened in our past and who is responsible for that in hopes to accept the facts and face them, and to build reconciliation on these foundations. We want to be part of a Europe where truth, responsibility, justice, cooperation and reconciliation are respected.

We believe that socio-political, democratic, economic and any other progress of our societies is closely connected to the respect of human rights. We share a common vision of a society in which people equally enjoy inalienable rights and freedoms.

We have a vision of a peace-loving and prosperous region of inclusive societies which cooperate on the basis of trust and mutual understanding.

Bearing all this in mind,

We invite the Government of the Republic of Serbia to support the initiative for establishment of the Western Balkans Youth Office at the upcoming Conference on the Western Balkans in Vienna,

We expect that all the Governments of the countries in the region will express common will for the improvement of regional cooperation among youth,

We urge every Government to accept regional, multilateral approach to this matter, and to evenly commit to this process,

We offer our expertise, experience and advice, and demand that civil society and youth organizations are included in the process of establishment and functioning of the Western Balkans Youth Office in the appropriate format.

We are confident that the establishment of the Western Balkans Youth Office would represent the biggest breakthrough in regional relations, guaranteeing an era of peace and prosperity in the long-term.


  • Youth Initiative for Human Rights Serbia
  • Youth Initiative for Human Rights Montenegro (member of the Civic Alliance)
  • Youth Initiative for Human Rights Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • Youth Initiative for Human Rights Croatia
  • Youth Initiative for Human Rights Kosovo
  • Serbian Youth Umbrella Organization (87 member organizations)
  • The Helsinki Committee for Human Rights in Serbia
  • Belgrade Open School
  • Youth Education Committee
  • Centre for Development Policy and Cooperation
  • The Association of Old Town Golubac
  • Research and development of ideas IDEAS
  • Ubski youth club
  • Centre for Development of Civil Resources
  • Youth center Euni
  • Croatian Youth Network – CYN
  • Volunteer Centre Zagreb
  • Sustainable development of Croatian – Walnut
  • Center for Peace Studies – CMS
  • The Serb National Council – SNC
  • Autonomous center – ACT
  • The area of ​​gender and media culture “K-Zone”
  • Croatian educational and development network for the evolution of communication (HERMES)
  • Association IKS
  • Status M
  • Association for Democratic Prosperity ZID
  • AISEC Montenegro
  • Safra
  • ELSA Montenegro
  • Montenegrin Association of Political Science Students Montenegro
  • Center for Youth Affirmation
  • Youth info Montenegro
  • Montenegrin Youth Forum
  • ÇOHU!
  • Community Building Mitrovica
  • Kosovar Stability Initiative
  • Peer Educators Network
  • Balkan Policy Institute
  • Integra
  • The Center for Social Group Development
  • Initiative for Progress
  • Kosovo Youth Council
  • Evolution Dance Kosovo
  • Group for Legal and Political Studies (GLT)
  • Childproof (CIPOF)
  • Partners Kosova Center for Conflict Management
  • Youth Organization Acts
  • Costumers
  • Fund for social and democratic initiatives
  • Initiative for democratic society