You are between 18 and 29? You want to learn more about EU migration policy or critically question it? Application Deadline 30th May 2021 What is the aim of this project?
  • Migration is one of the most important issues of our time, no matter in which part of Europe we live. Migration has shaped our societies for centuries. But despite this, the issue has been the subject of controversy in most European countries for the past five to ten years. Migrants and migration are the subject of huge political disputes, including manipulation and populist abuse.
  • During the project, special focus will be on the countries of the Western Balkans. Some of the most important so-called migrant routes pass through this region. The countries in this region have also been the main source of labour migrants to the European Union in the last decade.
  • The aim of the project is to get to know the migration policy in Europe better and to critically question it through visits to responsible European and national institutions, through discussions with representatives of non-governmental organizations and migrant and refugee organizations as well as with migrants and refugees themselves.

Where and when does the project take place?

  •  The first part will take place virtually on an interactive exchange platform on the following days, in sessions of 90 minutes each: 28.06. / 02.07 / 05.07. / 09.07 / 12.07. 2021
  • Belgrade (Serbia) from the 17. – 24.09.2021
  •  Lille (France) in 2022. The exact date will be communicated later.

Due to the pandemic, the first part of the project will take place as an online event. We would like to make sure that the second and third part of the project is in a physical meeting. But due to the current situation we do not know yet if it will be permitted to travel. If the situation does not allow travelling in September 2021, we are going to postpone the second phase to 2022.

As it is important for the project to have a stable group, we are looking for people who can participate in all three phases.

Who can apply?

  • Young people between 18 and 29 years of age from France, Germany and the seven Western Balkans countries: Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Kosovo, Montenegro, Northern Macedonia and Serbia.

Ideally, two people from each Western Balkans country can participate.

Required skills

Apart from an interest in the topic of migration, participants should also be able to speak English.

Participation Fees

No participation fees are charged in the first part of the project. For the second and third part of the project participation fees are charged:

  • 50 € for the participants from the seven Western Balkans countries
  • 150 € for the participants from France and Germany

The organizers are covering the costs for transport, accommodation, and meals.

Application Process

Please apply via this form