Youth Initiative for Human Rights selected as the winner of the Aachen Peace Award 2024 together with the “Grannies Against The Right Wing Parties” (Omas gegen Rechts). This important recognition of our work comes amidst challenging times where maintaining and preserving peace is a global imperative.

The Aachen Peace Prize thrives on input and ideas from as many people as possible, who  honor the grassroots work that prospers from multipliers that lend it visibility and strength. We are thrilled that our work with youth and various conflict affected communities is being recognized,motivating us to keep raising our voice for truth, justice, and reconciliation. An award of the Aachen Peace Prize not only attracts public attention to peace initiatives, but also protects threatened/marginalized groups affected by repression and violence.

“This award comes at just the right time for us and all our allies throughout the region. Amidst the global rise of radicalization brought about by ongoing wars unfolding before our eyes, regional fear of potential conflict is on the rise. This fear is further strengthened by irresponsible dominant policies. In the fight for peace, it is important for organizations, informal groups, and individuals to not stand alone, and even more important that their efforts are recognized, especially when they operate in hostile environments,” said Sofija Todorović, Programme Director of the Youth Initiative for Human Rights Serbia.

The criteria for the Aachen Peace Prize for individuals or civic groups were established as early as 1988 in its founding declaration. The founding members formulated the said criteria at that time as follows: „We, therefore, want to honor and present women, men or groups who have contributed from „below“ to serve the understanding of peoples and people among each other as well as to break down stereotypes fueled by hostility and build trust. 

The official award ceremony will take place in Aachen in Germany on the 1st of September, 2024.