Today, Youth Initiative for Human Rights’ activists have painted over the graffiti with the image of Ratko Mladić, former Chief of the General Staff of the Army of Republic of Srpska, convicted in the first instance to life imprisonment for war crimes throughout Bosnia and Herzegovina and for genocide in Srebrenica in July 1995. The graffiti were placed on several locations in the towns of Bor and Bačka Palanka.

Although 23 years have passed since genocide against the Muslim population, Ratko Mladić, as well as other convicted war criminals, are still treated as heroes by state officials and parts of the Serbian society.

Pointing to the need to condemn the policy of crimes, for which the Republic of Serbia is also responsible, as it failed to prevent genocide and to arrest persons accused of genocide, but instead sheltered them for years, YIHR activists painted over the graffiti which, in the image of Ratko Mladić, personify the policy of crime.

Let us remind you that some of these graffiti are made on public institutions, such as school buildings in Bačka Palanka, but so far institutions have put no effort into removing them

With this action, YIHR activists once again state that criminals should be condemned and that support and contribution to lasting peace and stability in the whole region is expressed by respecting the victims. 

Moreover, public condemnation of programmes and ideas which came to their finalisation in the Srebrenica genocide of July 11, 1995 is the only kind of condemnation which says that crimes could not be tolerated. Also, we are once again inviting the representatives of Serbian institutions and the citizens of Belgrade to join us in the commemoration of the victims of genocide in Srebrenica that is taking place tonight in the park between the building of the Presidency of Serbia and Belgrade City Hall, starting at 20.00.