Police and prosecution to stand in the way of the persecution of Mon Gjuraj

A day after the civic support campaign for the ‘Roma’ bakery, posters appeared in the vicinity of said bakery calling for a new gathering against Mon Gjuraj, scheduled for Sunday, May 5th at 10am in front of the bakery.

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Minister Stefanović is preparing us for war, not peace

Minister Stefanović’s assessment that there ’weren’t any incidents’ nor disturbing of the public peace and order in Borča on Saturday, April 27th is scandalous. Yet again, Stefanović has issued orders to the police to act in the interests of the politics promoted, not the laws they are obliged to protect and respect.

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Stop lynching of Roma bakery in Borča

The Youth Initiative for Human Rights strongly condemns violence and lynching threats to the employees and the owner of the ‘Roma’ bakery in the Belgrade suburb of Borča, which was under siege by hooligans on the 27th of April. They threatened to close down the bakery, sang nationalist chants, and the situation culminated with them leaving pig heads in front of the bakery.

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