WE REMEMBER: Štrpci 1993-2020

On Thursday, February 27, 2020, it will be 27 years since the crime in Štrpci (Bosnia and Herzegovina), in which members of the Army of the Republic of Srpska (VRS) kidnapped and killed 20 non-Serb civilians, passengers on a train travelling from Belgrade to Bar. The Humanitarian Law Center (HLC), Women in Black, Sandžak Committee for the Protection of Human Rights and Freedoms and Youth Initiative for Human Rights recall the public’s attention to the fact that victims’ families have been waiting for judicial justice in Serbia, and the recognition of their status as family members of civilian victims of war, for 27 years now. For 27 years the public has been waiting for the recognition, accountability and memorialisation of victims by the institutions of Serbia.

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Nataša Kandić Deserves Support of the Society, Not Insults and Threats

The Youth Initiative for Human Rights demands that competent state authorities prosecute all those who are threatening Nataša Kandić. Further, we expect Prime Minister and the President of the Republic to speak out in that respect and condemn the campaign of hate accompanied with anti-Albanian xenophobic folklore.

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