Despite all pressures and obstacles Kosovo president Atifete Jahjaga (2011–2016) today will address Belgrade audience during the promotion of the book “I want to be heard – memory book with stories of women survivors of torture during the last war in Kosovo.

Banning president Jahjaga to enter the country is the consequence of political decisions made at the highest level. “Mirëdita, dobar dan!” Festival has no possibility nor ambition to affect this decision. The goal of the Festival is to create a platform for establishing better relations between citizens of Kosovo and Serbia. Our message hasn’t lost its importance due to bureaucratic and political battle between political leaderships. On contrary, the importance of the need for better and truthful cooperation has been additionally emphasized.

Political games, nationalistic threats and sensationalism related to Jahjaga’s participation at the book promotion, are completely irrelevant for the Festival. We stay focused on the topic of the Festival – getting to know each other, building new ties between two societies and promoting a dialogue as a necessary condition for cooperation and sustainable peace . In this regard, we believe that today’s topic is of enormous importance. The narrative that has been dominant in our societies for the past 25 years, which puts myths and hatred first, and victims in the last place, resulted in more than 100.000 victims. Our mission is to change that and to put focus on the victims.

02 June 2017, Belgrade

“Mirëdita, dobar dan!” Festival